Release day!

May 22, 2009

The day everyone (*crickets chirping*) has been waiting for!  Without further ado…

Download the patch here! (Revised link!)

Also, to the first one who can create a walkthrough based on our version of LB2, there’s a special reward awaiting you!


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Demons…

May 14, 2009


Start Teaser Images Now….



(Images in no particular order… or are they?)



May 14, 2009

Hello all!

Welcome to the Official Unofficial Last Bible 2 Translation!

We here at OULB2T want to bring you a great game in the Last Bible series and hope you will enjoy it.

I hear you ask though, Last Bible 2?  Where’s Last Bible 1 at?  (Or some will ask, What is Last Bible?)

Last Bible 1 is known as Demon Slayer: Revelations in the US (I don’t believe it was released anywhere else but I’m not sure.  Wikipedia seems to confirm this, and Wikipedia does not lie. 😉 )

Now for the next question.  Last Bible is a gaiden series (i.e. an offshoot) of the Digital Devil series (also known as the Megami Tensei series).  These games are actually fantasy based rather then apocalyptic based.

The gameplay is similar to Pokemon in that you can get Demons to join you.  This mechanic is present in all Megami Tensei games (those that are Megami Tensei based) and actually predates Pokemon by quite a bit (so hah!)

We hope that you’ll like this entry into the series as we have and enjoy!
For more information about the Last Bible series and Megami Tensei series in general check out :Last Bible Series (head to the bottom for the listing of games in the Megami Tensei series)